Ukrainian woman beat her young daughter and put the blame on her

Ukrainian girl beat her younger daughter and put the blame on her

A resident of Ukraine beat her four-year-old daughter to a coma. The newborn was hospitalized. She remained in severe situation within the hospital for 26 days, however by no means regained consciousness.

Docs identified the kid with a number of bruises, a fractured cranium, and a fracture of the forearm. The lady’s mom acknowledged that the kid self-mutilated throughout an epileptic seizure. Nonetheless, the guardianship authorities reported that the lady was fully wholesome and didn’t have epilepsy.

A while in the past, a resident of the Kuban, who beat his four-year-old stepdaughter to dying, was sentenced to 23 years in jail. He additionally mocked the lady’s youthful brother, writes the TV channel “360”.


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