This is how the return of San Martín Vampire sounds 20 years after their separation –

Photo: YouTube of San Martín Vampire

A context as extraordinary as the quarantine meant for Saint Martin Vampire the spark that reignited a flame that had been extinguished more than twenty years ago. The group from La Plata earned the label of “cult band” due to its ghostly techno presence that mobilized the underground scene of the late 90s with its mysticism. But by the time they released their only album Debut and farewell (1999), San Martín Vampire was already just a whisper in the dark corridors of the circuit. Its path was a shooting star that perpetuated an exotic relic in its wake.

After his disappearance, each of the members took different paths that with the passage of time converged with each other. Rudie martinez, who incited this meeting, formed Audioperu y adicta, a mythical band where he developed all the electrorock concerns that characterized San Martín Vampire. Fabio Rey He also made history with Los Brujos and later turned to his project called Braggart. For his part, the vocalist Sergio Pangaro continued with the crooner identity in Baccarat and its multicolored lounge.

During these last months, the unique trio that combined surfers guitars and ravers synthesizers two decades ago, came out of the shadows and returned with a series of audiovisual releases in the space of a few months and with the intention of publishing the successor to their posthumous album. The first was “Carhué Cuarenta (Heathcliff it’s me)“, a song faithful to the pandemic framework with a poetic that narrates the days that pass by dropper. Then“Meeting at the River”, A cover of Virus that they used to play as a solemn tribute to their countrymen. He followed “Simone”, An energetic and stimulating piece that reaffirms the group’s kitsch spirit while taking us to the tracks of yesterday; “Bolero “Pearls“and the recently released”Formica“.

San Martín Vampire did not have to appear physically to reaffirm his return. His spectrum began to take shape like a figure in the nebula and he continues to excite us with the desire for his new and long-awaited album. Martinez stated the following in an interview with Página / 12, alluding to the temporary shock that the reunited band awoke: “It’s as if December ’98, when we stopped seeing each other, had happened yesterday.”

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