They managed to run PT on PS5, but Konami decided to block it


By: Braulio Ramirez Jara | 06-11-20

One of many greatest unknowns that addressed the arrival of the Ps 5 was whether or not the extremely acclaimed PT could possibly be performed on the brand new console.Though the developer revealed that the title couldn’t run on the brand new console, plainly this was not fully true. This is because of the truth that a number of days in the past they managed to run the Kojima demo throughout the new console. Now then, the agency has patched the aforementioned and you’ll now not benefit from the sport on the PS5.

As they’ve revealed from Polygon, within the final days of October they determined to check the backward compatibility of the console, and if they may run PT Due to this, Konami has gotten right down to work, since they’ve tried to play the Kojima demo once more they usually have been shocked that it has been patched and may now not be performed.

For its half, Sony has ensured that this resolution has not been made by the writer, liberating itself from any doable legal responsibility.

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