The State Duma told about the implementation of payments for children from three to seven years

All social payments that are now being carried out for the population, including for low-income families with children, are the implementation of the initiatives and plans voiced by Russian President Vladimir Putin during his message to the Federal Assembly. State Duma deputy Yaroslav Nilov told NewInform about this.

The Russian government has allocated 8.8 billion rubles. for payments for children from three to seven years. Additional funding is needed due to the increase in the number of children whose parents are eligible for benefits, the Cabinet of Ministers said. Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a relevant order.

Mishustin announced the allocation of funds to the regions for payments to families with children at a government meeting on October 8. Also, following the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers, the allocation of more than 1 billion rubles was approved. regions for monthly payments to families in which a third child or subsequent children were born.

Earlier, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on monthly payments from January 1, 2020 for children aged three to seven years. According to the document, families in which the average per capita income does not exceed the value of the subsistence minimum per capita established in the region will be able to receive payments in the amount of 50% of the regional subsistence minimum for a child.

State Duma deputy Yaroslav Nilov said that this is not a new initiative. The decision was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin during his message to the Federal Assembly on January 15, 2020.

“Some time ago, the issue of payments from one and a half to three years for a child, if the mother is on maternity leave to care for the child, was very acute on our agenda. Then the allowance was 50 rubles. per month, this amount was approved by Boris Yeltsin. This fact caused a storm of questions, and there were several proposals to increase it from one and a half to three years, so that these funds would also be paid from the social insurance fund, ”the source explained.

Nilov stressed that the issue of the need for a nursery has not yet been fully resolved in the country, this is still relevant to this day.

“And parents are faced with a choice: either work or stay at home with a child, but receive only 50 rubles. benefits. The situation was hopeless. The LDPR faction has repeatedly raised this issue at a meeting with the Prime Minister. As a result, a formula was found, according to which the criteria of need were determined, and if the per capita income was less than two subsistence minimum per person, that is, the family is recognized as needy, then in this case one subsistence level is also paid at the age of one and a half to three years. minimum for a child, ”the deputy said.

Nilov recalled that Russian President Vladimir Putin decided to pay from January this year 50% of the subsistence minimum for families in need. The head of state noted that the point is not being put on this issue, the government will analyze how the situation is developing and what funds in the federal budget can be allocated for these payments.

“Now the budgetary process is underway and all funds for the social sphere, which are provided for by law, are laid for next year. As the chairman of the social committee and as a representative of the LDPR faction, I support any additional support measures, especially if they concern families with children, and even more so – needy families. This is support for the institution of the family, the institution of motherhood, childhood, increasing family income, ”the parliamentarian said.

According to Nilov, the money is small, but it’s better than nothing. The deputy clarified that the final amount of the benefit will depend on the specific region, because each has its own subsistence minimum, but we are talking about an amount of up to 5.5 thousand rubles.

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