The Michael Jackson episode was to have a sequel that included Prince

Image The Simpsons: Fox / Photo Prince: YouTube of Prince

With three decades on the air, the producers of The Simpson they have all kinds of anecdotes to tell about their most iconic episodes. One of them has to do with “Stark raving dad“, the controversial chapter in which he participated Michael jackson.

As is known, the episode was removed from all streaming platforms after it premiered. Leaving Neverland, the documentary in which some visitors to the house of the “King of Pop” detail the abuse they suffered during their childhood at the hands of the artist. However, as reported by FayerWayer, the episode was going to have a sequel in which Leon Kompowsky (the character who claimed to be Michael) returned to Springfield, but this time he was going to say it was Prince. The objective of his new appearance would be to make the city more extravagant and open on a sexual level.

That chapter never saw the light because Prince himself decided he was not convinced by the script. True to his perfectionist nature, the author of “Purple Rain” returned the script to the producers of the animated show with different annotations in which he even described the clothes his character was going to wear in each scene. Rumor has it that the Minnesota-born script was actually written by his driver or a close friend. In view of the fact that the staff of the strip refused to accept such modifications, the episode was canceled.

The full script still exists and Al Jean, one of the producers of The Simpson, released two pages to through his Twitter a few years ago:

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