SUÁREZ ANSWERED: Will you celebrate if you convert to FC Barcelona?

They were 6 years defending the shield of FC Barcelona, ​​a club in which he always dreamed of playing. He would never charge his colleagues or the institution itself, but perhaps he would dare to point out / point to a particular sector.

When asked if he would celebrate a goal against Barça, Luis Suárez responded immediately: “No, no, I don’t yell it. No way. No way”. Although, already more confident in chatting with ESPN Argentina, shared that he would not rule out a picturesque dedication (cof cof Bartomeu and his board cof cof): “Maybe I wouldn’t yell it, but point out somewhere capable that I would (laughs).”

If that scene were to happen, it wouldn’t be the first time Fought do something like that. In Liverpool, for example, he scored a goal in the face of David Moyes, who called him a theatrical player. The then Everton manager declared that the Uruguayan abused a lot of diving and pretending. And, well, this caused the Salto-born to be nailed close to his technical zone, after having become an edition of the Merseyside derby.

As it suddenly made us want to see Suárez marking FC Barcelona, ​​JA. The first possible clash between the Uruguayan and his former team will take place on November 21, 2020. The same and The gunman ends up being left with the desire since the motion of censure could relegate Barto before said duel.

Undefeated data. Luis Suárez arrived at FC Barcelona for 81 million euros. At the time, a record transfer for the Camp Nou entity.

Did you know…? Luis Suárez scored 2 goals and provided 1 assist in his official debut for Atlético de Madrid. It was a memorable 22 minutes.

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