Semenovich told subscribers about one plus of COVID-19

Semenovich advised subscribers about one plus of COVID-19

Semenovich spoke concerning the optimistic check outcome for coronavirus in early October. She said that her sickness had handed with out problems. At present, the artist feels nice. On her web page on the social community Instagram, she wrote that she was bored with the frantic tempo of life, and with the assistance of COVID-19, she managed to take a break for a break.

“Now I spotted that I used to be hiding behind fatigue and workaholism, that I used to be not prepared to simply accept myself fully with all my fears, ache and weak spot. This compelled pause was essential for me, ”the pop star emphasised.

The put up on the social community Semenovich illustrated along with her portrait with lush curls. Subscribers appreciated how the ex-soloist of the “Sensible” group seems to be now. Followers known as her “superior.”


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