Regina Dubovitskaya dramatically lost weight on the Stepanenko diet

Recently, the Internet has been discussing the illness of Regina Dubovitskaya. The fans drew attention to the thinner TV presenter and sounded the alarm because of the possible serious illness of the star.

However, the TV presenter herself denies any rumors about her serious condition. She admitted that she resorted to a diet to say goodbye to being overweight.

71-year-old Dubovitskaya admitted that for many years she has been “sitting” on a proven diet, which was advised by her colleague in the shop, Elena Stepanenko. Previously, the comedian tried to lose weight for a long time and once found a suitable method, which she shared with her friend.

“Coffee and two pieces of fried bread in the morning, then fat-free kefir, and fruit in the evening. As a result, in two weeks I lose five kilograms, ”the Anshlag presenter shared.

At the moment, Dubovitskaya feels great at her current weight. Also, Regina Igorevna refused to face plastic surgery, as she wants to preserve natural features, according to “Star hit”.

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