Miguel Oliveira finishes sixth at the French GP

Portuguese rider Miguel Oliveira (KTM) hopes to finish the next three races of the MotoGP World Championship in the top five.

Speaking to the Tech3 team, for which he is in the premier class of the world speed championship, the Almada driver was “excited to race at Le Mans”, the stage of the Grand Prix de France, next weekend.

“Of course, we want to turn the Barcelona result around [desistência por queda] and score points, which is the most important ”, started by explaining Oliveira, who is preparing to enter a new cycle of three consecutive races, two of them in Aragon, where he is used to having good results.

For this reason, Miguel Oliveira stresses that the objective for these three events “is to finish them all and within the first five places”.

For now, the French GP follows, “which is the home race for the team” Tech3, so he feels “even more motivated to achieve a good result”, which he believes “can achieve”.

“I am really pleased to be able to go back to work,” he concluded.

After this triple journey, there is another week of pause before the three finals, two in Valencia and the last in the Algarve, in Portimão, on 25 November.

After eight races, Miguel Oliveira is ninth in the championship, with 59 points.

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