‘I was with Vitesse for eight years, but that cannot be compared to Twente’

Jan Streuer, the technical director of FC Twente, looks back with satisfaction on his first transfer period as responsible for football affairs at the Tukkers. The 69-year-old Arnhemmer is proud that he can work at the club from Enschede.

If Twente had not called, Streuer was now enjoying his retirement. “I would have said no to every other club, but I could not do that against FC Twente”, he says in a big interview in Tubantia. “I knew general director Paul van der Kraan of Vitesse and there are still men around with whom I played. It is exactly fifty years after that that I am back. I think that is quite special.”

The experienced director enjoys the development that Twente has gone through. “Now that I am back, I have noticed how big Twente has become. I was with Vitesse for eight years, but these clubs cannot be compared in terms of experience. Vitesse has sold 5000 season tickets in corona time, FC Twente almost 20,000. See here the difference.”

Streuer faced a monster job, but can look back on a good transfer period. He built up the selection of Twente steadily and appointed an experienced trainer with Ron Jans. However, that could have been done differently: the Tukkers were negotiating with Alexander Zorniger, but after statements by Streuer, he no longer felt like it.

“I just answered a question from a journalist honestly,” explains the technical director. “I think there are enough good trainers around in the Netherlands, we don’t have to go abroad especially for that. I think football is a bit different here than abroad. There are other things asked here.”

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