Honored Pilot of the Russian Federation revealed the features of high-altitude flight

Honored Pilot of Russia, Major General of Aviation Vladimir Popov explained that, despite the fighter’s automatic control capabilities, pilots usually always take control at high altitudes. As a rule, pilots undergo compulsory special training. They learn to control the aircraft at different altitudes and with different weight characteristics.

“To carry out a successful attack, it is always more profitable to be slightly higher than the enemy. It is easier to spot, easier to maneuver and catch up with. In addition, some air defense systems simply do not reach targets in the stratosphere, ”the Major General shares his experience.

The flights of Su-34 fighter-bombers in the stratosphere vividly demonstrate how much the designers have advanced in the development of multifunctional combat systems. Popov focuses on the weight of the car and the power of the power plant, since this determines the height to which the plane can eventually rise.

A source: newinform.com

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