Doubts about Götze: ‘Everyone had expected that he would now play at Real’

Arnold Bruggink hopes that Mario Gotze will be able to use his potential at PSV. According to the FOX Sports analyst, the 28-year-old German will soon be the best player on the Dutch fields.

Bruggink understands that there are doubts about Götze. “Otherwise he will not come to the Netherlands”, he adds Good morning Orange. “Everyone expected that he had played at Real Madrid now. Because he has not played for a long time, he now makes the choice to come to the Netherlands. But if Götze touches his level at all, he will be the first in no time. best player of the Eredivisie. “

Bruggink knows that the 63-time Germany international has had a lot of trouble with the expectations after his winning goal in the 2014 World Cup final. “He has had a lot of trouble after his goal in the World Cup final. He said in his documentary: every ball I gave after that goal was less than I had already done when I was 22. That bar was so high, he could never meet it again. “

Bruggink is curious whether Götze can now better deal with those expectations. “He is 28 and makes a super good impression. He looks very fit, even if that is something else than match fit. If he only touches on something of his level, then he belongs to the best players in the Eredivisie. But what is it? The expectations? He has had to deal with that all his life. He now seems to have that well under control. “

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