Did you overuse your credit card? This option will help you with that problem

The unforeseen forced you to use your credit card more than you thought and now you don’t know how much to pay so as not to “squeeze” your wallet nor do you want to end up paying a fortune of interests, do not worry, there is an option that will help you with this problem.

The credit card is a good solution if you do not have enough cash to face an unforeseen event, the problem arises when you have to pay that debt, since if you start to fail in your payments, you run the risk that your interest rate increase and affect your Credit bureau.

If you want to know what the amount of interest that is best for you to pay and decide how much to pay to your card, you must use the BBVA app, which evolved and now more than a banking application, it is a financial advisor that gives you clarity and helps you make the best decisions to manage your money.

The app BBVA allows you to calculate the amount of interest that is best for you to pay, at the same time that it offers you tips and advice that will help you keep your stable financial health.

Remember that if you stop paying or the interest becomes a unsustainable debt You can face different consequences, such as telephone billing, suspension of your card, increased interest and you will get a negative rating on your credit history; do not forget to use technology to your advantage and take advantage of new tools that BBVA offers you.

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