De Boer gave Schuur’s text and explanation: ‘That is why he is now making a different decision’

Frank de Boer called Perr Schuurs to explain why he was not part of the selection of the Dutch national team this time. The Limburg defender, who has worked his way up to basic player at Ajax, was displaced by a teammate.

National coach De Boer indicated that Schuurs’ development is positive and that he can certainly come into the picture in the future. “But now Daley Blind came back from an injury, so he has made different decisions at the moment”, the stopper explains to 1Limburg.

The 20-year-old Schuurs, who indicated that he was pleased that De Boer called him up, knows what to do. “I just have to continue the line I’m working on to eventually get to the selection of Frank de Boer”, he says.

Schuurs will play this international period for the Dutch Juniors, with which he played against Jong Gibraltar on Thursday-evening (5-0 win). Next Tuesday, the team will visit the peers of Cyprus.

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