Bruggink gives striking advice to Ihattaren: ‘Otherwise the story will be difficult’

Arnold Bruggink fears that Mohamed Ihattaren will temporarily fall between the two at PSV. He advises the eighteen-year-old playmaker to gain competition rhythm in the Kitchen Champion Division.

Ihattaren has no basic place under trainer Roger Schmidt this season. Moreover, the arrival of Mario Götze does not improve the perspective of the top talent. “If I were him, I would just play matches in Young PSV. Show that you are the best there,” says Bruggink. Good morning Orange on FOX Sports. “Go play there. Otherwise I think it will be a difficult story for him for the time being.”

John de Wolf sees little in Bruggink’s proposal. “Young PSV is no longer at the level, is it? In terms of age, he can still play there, but yes …” “So it’s more about him showing it,” said the analyst. “You also know John, around European matches there is so little training with the team that you want as a coach.”

PSV technical manager John de Jong already indicated that the football world has ‘speeded past Ihattaren’. “He is an eighteen-year-old boy. If we give him confidence and create peace around him, I am sure that his talents will resurface.”

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