Berghuis has a list of clubs: ‘I would like to think about that’

Steven Berghuis did not have to consider whether he wanted to leave Feyenoord in the past transfer period. The attacker has made a list of clubs he would like to go to, but they did not report.

So it remained calm around the captain of the Stadium Club. “I have made a kind of list for myself with ten, fifteen clubs, which I would like to think about”, Berghuis tells The Telegraph. “But there was no interest for a long time. Until the last days, but even then it never really became concrete. So I did not have to think about leaving Feyenoord.”

However, that does not mean that Berghuis does not want to move up. The attacker wants to see if anything is possible after the European Championship. “That’s how I thought about it last season, but unfortunately the European Championship was postponed due to corona. But it is clear that the European Championship can be important. Top clubs still look at how you play top matches. At Feyenoord I have never once spent a European winter. think it does play a role in how you stand in Europe. “

The 28-year-old Apeldoorner draws a comparison with Ajax, which often plays at Champions League level, making players wanted on the transfer market. “That is also something we have to go with Feyenoord and, according to Frank Arnesen, also want to. I still have the ambition to make the step, because I want to get the most out of my career.”

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