Among Us is taken to 3D with this incredible version


By: Braulio Ramirez Jara | 09-10-20

In recent months, Among Us has had a great comeback since its launch. Thanks to this, it has managed to become the best-selling game on Steam for three weeks in a row. As we have seen, the game has had various adaptations by fans. Now, well, a group of content creators have taken the game experience to 3D design, which looks spectacular.

As they have revealed from the Tarreo medium, this new 3D adaptation of Among US has been created by the Youtuber named Dani. For the development of this game format, the creative had to use various tools and open source codes to be able to bring the Among US experience to a 3D format. This is how the video reveals the various mechanics that have led to this new adaptation.

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