Amazon has canceled Crucible, its own free-to-play shooter


By: Sebastian Guadalupe (MS) | 10-10-20

The second major Amazon project in the world of video games, Crucible has collapsed and they have decided to close its development

You may not remember this, after all, just every day bombarded with infuriating news and stories, so 2016 can feel like something that happened a million years ago. In that year, Amazon Game Studios announced its arrival in the world of video games with three gigantic projects. His idea was that these projects would be developed and launched over the years. These games were Breakaway, Crucible, and New World. Breakaway was canceled in 2018 and now, Crucible is the next project to completely collapse.


Crucible was in development for years until it was released in May of this year. So far, this story sounds normal and common in the video game industry. However, the title returned to beta two months later. Have you ever heard of a title canceling its own release two months after doing it? The idea was that this team can repair the problems of this free-to-play shooter. However, it seems that Amazon has had enough of funding them, as the PlayCrucible team has confirmed that they will stop working on the title.

In an announcement that should raise concern for anyone looking forward to New World, the developers at Crucible will be turning to this team. Crucible’s servers will be online until November 9. In addition, they will be offering returns for the people who spent on the title.


Amazon’s experience in the gaming world has been lamentable so far. Few expected each of their projects to collapse, but that is what has happened so far.

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