A questioned poll sharpens the division of López Obrador’s party

Morena militants exchanged accusations this Saturday after the survey of the National Electoral Institute (INE)

The questioned survey to renew the leadership of the National Regeneration Movement (Brunette) sharpens the division of the president’s party Andrés Manuel López Obrador, less than a year after elections largest in history.

Militants of the most powerful party in Mexico exchanged accusations this Saturday after the survey of the National Electoral Institute (INE) that showed 25.34 percent support for Porfirio Muñoz Ledo, legislator and historical leader of the left, and 25.29 percent to Mario Delgado, coordinator of the deputies of Morena.

Although the division “is natural” in a party, especially in one that was born in 2014 in the image of López Obrador, the conflict “definitely weakens” Morena, political consultant Jorge Luis Hernández explained to Efe.

“What this situation shows is that Morena is not really a homogeneous group, it is a group that is made up of different tribes,” explained the political scientist who graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Controversial process

The process to renew the leadership of Morena, which is now led by the licensed deputy Alfonso Ramirez Cuéllar, causes controversy since the Electoral Court of the Federal Judicial Branch (TEPJF) ordered a poll in September to resolve disputes over control of the party.

Muñoz Ledo obtained 41.7 percent of the preferences in the first round approved by the INE compared to 27.1 percent of Delgado Carrillo and other rivals.

But after several challenges, a project circulated in which the TEPJF intended to pull the second round of polls from October 2 to 8, although in the end it did not vote on it.

Even so, Muñoz Ledo, who has denounced “chiefdoms” in the party and trafficking in candidacies, in addition to being critical of López Obrador’s policies, questioned the head of the INE.

Lorenzo Córdova, head of Mexican democracy, said that the internal contest is tied by five tenths of a percentage, he should know that a single vote is won. Supine ignorance or bad faith. He refused to acknowledge my victory. I invite you to rectify or resign, “he said this Saturday.

His running mate, the senator Citlalli Hernandez, was elected as general secretary of the party, but warned of “doubts and uncertainty” due to the differences between the polls.

Realizing this long-overdue change of leadership is urgent. Perhaps one way out is for Muñoz Ledo and Mario Delgado to dialogue with great responsibility and for the latter, with a democratic vocation, to decide to focus on the great work he does in the Chamber of Deputies ”, expressed Hernández.

Now, the INE will carry out a third survey between the two leaders, but the date is still pending.

A party without a president

López Obrador, who founded Morena to boost his 2018 face-to-face bid, asked competitors to accept the survey results.

The method is not perfect, but it is the people, it is the opinion of the citizens, not only in the case of Morena, in any case it should be done this way, or the open election, but there is still not enough responsibility ”, commented the president on Thursday, the last day of the poll.

But outside of a couple of statements, analysts have pointed out López Obrador’s disinterest in straightening his party.

“López Obrador, some experts in Morena have commented, does not seem to be in a great hurry to institutionalize the party, that is, López Obrador understands Morena much more, as its name indicates, as a movement,” commented political scientist Hernández .

The urgency to define the future of Morena is pressing because Mexico will have the largest elections in its history on June 6, 2021, when 94 million voters are called to elect 500 federal deputies, 15 governors, 30 state congresses, and 1,900 city councils.

Still, the latest polls show the president’s party almost 30 points ahead of its closest competitors, the National Action Party (PAN) and the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

“The advantage that Morena has is that the opposition is still stunned, that there is not much clarity about who could lead this vote of disenchantment with the project of the ‘fourth transformation’,” Hernández concluded.

With information from EFE

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